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Fire elevator
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Fire elevator

Ningbo Blue Fuji is a professional fire elevator supplier in China.We have been selling elevator products for more than ten years. Our products are designed to be luxurious, comfortable and safe, and are exported to many countries and regions in Southeast Asia and Europe. You can rest assured to buy elevator from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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Product Description

Fire elevator

Introduction of fire elevator

This Ningbo Blue Fuji fire elevator is a specialized type of elevator that is designed to operate safely and efficiently in the event of a fire emergency. Fire elevators are critical components of high-rise buildings, and are designed to quickly and safely evacuate occupants during a fire.

Features of  Fire Elevators:

Fire-rated construction: Fire elevators are constructed using fire-rated materials that are heat resistant and designed to withstand high temperatures. This includes the cabin walls, door assemblies, and hoistway wall. Fire-rated construction prevents the spread of fire and smoke from one area to another.

Emergency power supply: Fire elevators are equipped with an emergency power supply in case of a power outage during a fire emergency. This ensures that the elevator continues to operate even if the main power source fails.

Smoke detection system: Fire elevators have smoke detectors installed in the hoistway and cabin to monitor for the presence of smoke. If smoke is detected, the elevator will immediately be taken to the designated recall floor.

Priority recall operation: Fire elevators have a feature called priority recall operation, which means they are programmed to automatically travel to designated recall floors during a fire emergency to evacuate occupants.

Firefighter service: Fire elevators are equipped with firefighter service, which allows firefighters to take control of the elevator and use it to transport people and equipment during rescue operations.

Increased speed and capacity: Fire elevators are designed to operate at higher speeds and have a higher capacity than regular elevators. This allows them to transport a larger number of people to safety during a fire emergency.

In summary, fire elevators are specifically designed to operate safely and effectively during a fire emergency. With features such as fire-resistant construction, emergency power supply, smoke detection system, priority recall operation, firefighter service, increased speed, and capacity, fire elevators play a crucial role in ensuring building safety.

The material of fire elevator includes the following aspects:

Fire-rated walls: The walls of the hoistway, machinery room, and elevator cab are made of fire-rated materials such as concrete, gypsum board, or steel. These materials are chosen for their ability to prevent the spread of fire.

Fire-rated doors: Fire elevator doors are typically made of materials such as steel with fire-resistant glass. They are designed to prevent the spread of fire or smoke into the elevator shaft.

Fire-rated partitions: Fire partitions are installed between the hoistway and adjacent areas, such as mechanical rooms or other floors, to prevent the spread of fire.

Fire-resistant cables: Electrical cables and wiring used in a fire elevator are designed to be heat-resistant and self-extinguishing. This ensures that any electrical fires are contained and do not spread throughout the building.

Fire-resistant flooring: The flooring in the elevator cab is typically made of fire-resistant materials such as ceramic tile or concrete.

You can rest assured to buy customized fire elevator from us. We look forward to cooperating with you, if you want to know more, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time!

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