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Elevator ride safety common sense!


With the progress of the society, as a special kind of equipment for people’s daily life, the elevator has come into people’s life more and more. The elevator brings people light and a lot of blood and tears. We regret for those who have suffered disaster because of improper operation and carelessness. At the back of these lessons, it is very necessary for people to realize that the elevator operation and the scientific ladder are very necessary. So the Chinese elevator information network has specially summed up some elevator ride safety common sense for you to learn and understand!

1. when taking a ladder, please see whether there is a safety inspection mark issued by the AQSIQ in the elevator. The elevator that exceeds the test date has a safety hazard.

2. when waiting for the ladder, please confirm your floor and the destination floor you are going to, choose the “rise” or “drop” call button properly, and stand on the side to facilitate the passengers to walk out of the elevator.

3. when entering the car, we need to see if the elevator is in the flat position, otherwise it may cause harm.

4. do not touch the hall or sedan door to avoid holding hands when opening doors.

5. if the elevator is full, please wait for the elevator’s next service patiently, and do not use the crowded method to enter the elevator car. Do not try to stop the closing of the car door by hand, foot or crutches, sticks, rods, etc., and observe the situation at the foot of the car, carefully and quickly enter and exit the elevator.

6. loading and unloading goods or paddle ladder, do not hit the car door to prevent deformation of the door, affecting the normal opening and closing of the car door.

7. when the elevator is in the elevator, hold the hand of the child tightly and take care of your pet. You need to keep the door open when the door is open, or ask someone to help hold the door button in the car.

8. when the elevator is running, please leave the door as far as possible, use the armrest in the car, stand steadily and hold it well; pay attention to the indicator of the layer station and prepare the ladder in advance. If the elevator arrives stop, if the door is not open, the car can be opened according to the door button.

9. during the operation of the elevator, do not squeeze or slap the elevator door, do not touch the button or switch casually, so as not to cause the elevator to malfunction and stop the ladder. When the elevator runs, it is out of control suddenly. The heel should be lifted quickly. The toes support the weight of the body, squat, and hold the car with the hand to prevent the car from flushing the top or hitting the bottom.

10. when the elevator has trouble card in the layer, trapped in the elevator car, please do not panic, can use the alarm button inside the car or call for help, the car and the well are well ventilated and air, the elevator has a number of measures to ensure the safety of passengers, please wait for rescue. Do not try to leave the car through other dangerous ways, such as trying to open the door, or using hard knocking and pressing the operation panel, because the elevator can run at any time, and it is easy to be dangerous.

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