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When taking the elevator, what should I do if the elevator fails?


In recent years, there have been frequent accidents with elevators at home and abroad. Whether it is the sudden rush of the elevator or the failure of the elevator, it can lead to accidents for passengers. How to avoid such situations?

It is impossible to expect that once the elevator opens, its cabin will be level with the floor, so do not go straight without looking at it, you can step on the air, so when the elevator door opens, wait for five seconds to make sure everything is in okay. When faced with the sudden onslaught of the elevator, if you are unfortunately in the elevator car, remember to hold on to the handrail to keep your balance, so as not to cause a violent collision due to the sudden stop of the car, resulting in bodily injury.

The elevator has a speed controller that determines the speed of the descending elevator. If you jump at will, it’s easy to activate the safety mechanism and you’ll be trapped in the elevator.

In the event of an accident, it is easy to get nervous and your heart beat faster. You might even mistakenly think that the elevator is a limited space, and the amount of oxygen is also connected, so it is an enclosed space. In fact, the elevator car is not an enclosed space, so do not be alarmed yourself. Passengers are not. There will be a choking hazard due to being locked inside, but if you scare yourself and become more and more nervous, you will be in danger, so remember to stay calm.

In fact, there are many examples of unsuccessful self-rescue resulting in casualties, so if you do not have the relevant experience or ability, it is best to find other ways, for example, call the rescuers on the radio, and take your time. break the door or escape by climbing on it.

Before you can predict the interior or exterior conditions of the elevator, do not lean lightly on the elevator door to avoid accidents caused by loosening the door panel.

Usually, when an alarm sounds, it means that the load is overloaded. You may think this is funny, but in fact it has a purpose, so it is better to immediately regulate the load when you hear the alarm.

In the event of a power outage, fire, earthquake, etc., it is impossible to predict whether the elevator will operate normally, so it is best to use the stairs to get out.

In case of flooding, in order to avoid the danger of a compartment due to lack of water, it is best to stop the elevator at a high floor and not move it.

Wearing loose or stretchy clothing, or carrying small items, including earrings, rings, etc., may cause malfunctions due to improper closing of the elevator doors.

We cannot predict when an accident will occur, but there are still ways to avoid some unnecessary accidents by maintaining basic knowledge and being careful everywhere.

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